Day six – Little tricks.

So I am just One day away from completing my first week of low carbing and I have to say that it is everything I thought it wouldn’t be. I thought I would be crabby and lacking energy, I thought I would be hungry all the time and most of all I thought it probably wouldn’t work as well as I had read online.

Well, my energy level has gone up so much more than when I was carbing daily, I am sleeping much better and I am just feeling great in myself. I weighed in today (I know I shouldn’t check too often, but I couldn’t help myself) and I am bang on 81 KG!! That means that in 6 days I have dropped 6.5KG!! (just over 14lbs) and have shaved almost 2 Inches off of my waistline. THIS IS CRAZY!

Now I would be telling lies if I said it was done through diet alone, I don’t think it’s just down to that. I have religiously stuck to drinking the green tea, and nope … I still hate it with a passion. I have also been taking a white kidney bean supplement which is loaded with fiber and blocks any stray carbs I may eat unknowingly.

So here is a rundown of today’s meals.

Breakfast: Ham and Stilton Egg Muffins. These protein packed little bundles are a delicious way to start the day. I prepared them the evening before and froze them overnight, then all I had to do this morning was remove them from the freezer and put them straight into the oven. They are light and fluffy and melt in the mouth and are perfect loaded up with ham, onion, and cheese.


Lunch: Cheese omelette with fried bologna. Falling back on my favourite quick lunch, omelette. This was so fast to put together and the addition of bologna ham fried in the pan after adds a delicious saltiness to the meal. I wanted to use spam but I’m out of it at the moment (spam is like heaven in a tin if you have never tried it)


Dinner: Chicken and bell pepper kebabs. Ok, now I am in love with these! I lightly spiced the chicken with curry powder and a dash of lemon juice and left it to marinate before skewering it along with diced bell peppers and served with a salad. They chicken was so moist and tender after grilling and retained the warm spiciness I was craving. A quick and simple meal that hits the spot when you need something filling.


Dessert: Homemade Ice cream. This was as simple as whisking up 3 egg whites until they formed silky stiff peaks, adding in 2 packets of Splenda and 50 ml clotted cream. I then added a few drops of caramel food essence and whisked until airy and blended well. I prepared this at lunch time and it was perfectly set by dinner. This is going to be a weekly treat for me and it tastes and feels just like store bought ice-cream. (plus you know what’s in it)


I am going to go a wallow in the pool for a while now and take advantage of the cooler air (34 degrees celsius) and maybe get a few laps in too.

Till tomorrow. Josh.


Day Five – Feel alive

Ok, so today I have hit the 5kg mark and am absolutely amazed at how fast this is working. I know most of it will be water weight, but I don’t care, it really boosts the motivation. In 5 days I have lost 1.5 Inches off my waist and my energy levels are skyrocketing. I actually RAN!! Yep,  so it was just a quick 20-minute jog but that’s an achievement for me. He who hates exercise.

Breakfast: Grated cheese and Mayo wrapped in Pork & Chicken ham. A Delicious way to start the day with three of my favourite foods. Obviously, I would usually have them in a sandwich, but seeing as carbs are off limits I decided to use the ham as the holder of the cheese mayo.


Lunch: Smoked salmon with a cream cheese sauce. I am NOT a fan of hot salmon because it is over fishy, but I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too bad. I much prefer cold smoked salmon but I figured I probably need more Omega 3 and cooked salmon feels more like a meal rather than a snack.


Dinner: Seafood omelette loaded up with flaked dory fillet, prawns, and squid. I am getting the hang of seafood now and am no longer heaving at the thought of eating squid. This was crazy good for dinner and I couldn’t finish it all because I was feeling stuffed. Squid and prawns do contain carbs, but they were well under the 20g of carbs a day I am allowed. In fact, for the whole day, I only ate 7g of net carbs.


Tomorrow I am planning on trying to make some desserts using agar powder. I am not going to lie, I miss sweets a bit. I’m not craving them or anything.

Till tomorrow. Josh.

Day Four – Move More

So after a little bit of reading, I have discovered that I need to ensure I am eating enough fat to lose fat. confusing right! Basically, for the body to burn its fat reserves, it needs fat to be consumed.

I also need to now introduce some daily exercise … not my favourite thought. I mean, I don’t mind exercise, I just struggle with the constant heat here. It’s relentless and no fun to run in!

I have noticed that my jeans have become ever so slightly looser on me, which can only be a good thing. I am still keeping up with the green tea and have taken to using an old childhood trick of holding my nose whenever I take a sip. I don’t care what anyone says, green tea may be good for weight loss, but it sure ain’t good for my taste buds. It is REPULSIVE and I don’t know how to make it taste better. Maybe I will try a spoon of coffee mixed in with it, I MISS COFFEE.

Energy wise I have to say that I am feeling absolutely fine. I am no longer waking up lethargic and grumpy as I was when I was on a carb rich diet. When I say carb rich, I mean carb rich … Carb on carb sandwiches were an absolute staple of mine; Chip butties anyone? (By chips I mean deep fried potatoes or what Americans call fries. What Americans call chips I know as crisps) I am still waiting for a drop in my energy levels, but maybe I am going to be one of the lucky ones who manages to avoid it.

Breakfast: 2 Poached eggs with smoked salmon. I actually liked this more than I thought I would and it made me feel a little bit … posh. I topped it with a few fresh basil leaves and a teaspoon of melted cream cheese and it just all worked together so perfectly. There was also the compulsory cup of green tea, the less said about that the better! This was a gorgeous breakfast which would also make a great lunch menu.


Lunch: Chicken salad with garlic Mayo dressing. A quick and simple lunch today that fits the low carb plan perfectly. 200g of skinless chicken breast lightly coated with sesame oil and then grilled, 4 quails eggs, Rocket salad with 50g cherry tomatoes and a freshly made garlic mayo dressing. This was a seriously delicious lunch that filled me up completely. In fact, for the first time in years, I actually couldn’t finish a meal and ended up giving about a third to the dog.


Dinner: Homemade Mushroom Beef burgers. I am getting into making food from scratch now and burgers are always going to be at the top of my wish list. This simple burger is made from 300g lean beef mince, 50g diced mushrooms, salt, pepper, a little rosemary and a little thyme. Wrapped in foil and baked in the oven for 20 minutes keeps them super moist and succulent. Top them with 50g of grated cheddar and serve on top of a bed of crisp lettuce and a selection of herb leaves. This would be absolutely perfect if I can work out how to make a low carb mushroom and onion Jeux. Again, less than 3g of net carbs so it sticks by the guidelines nicely.


Dessert: Cola jelly and a little bit of whipped cream. I bought some gelatin powder and boiled up a bottle of Coke Zero, Mixed in the gelatin and then placed it in the fridge to set. OMG! This is seriously good. It satisfied my sweet craving and bought back many childhood memories of primary school (Yep, I used to love school dinners. Especially jelly and cream) This dessert is ZERO carbs, although I counted the Coke as 2 grams due to the sweetener in it. If you are wanting a sweet treat I recommend this one.


I decided for my exercise that I would start swimming. Nothing major, Just 30 minutes a day is enough. The pool is outdoors and I DO NOT want a tan, I love my vampire look! I guess a little tan wouldn’t hurt, but the sunburn will. There is NO WAY that I am going to become a fitness addict! I love walking … hate running, swimming is good because it also provides some resistance training. I guess I should look at doing some form of weights in the near future. For now, I just want to adjust to the diet and take things slow so that I don’t end up exhausting myself and losing my motivation.

Oh, a quick tip. If you feel a carb craving coming on, brush your teeth. I had a mild craving when I could smell my other half cooking chicken fried rice earlier and read that brushing your teeth helps by blocking the food smells from reaching your nose. The mint in the toothpaste acts as a mask … IT WORKS!!

Till tomorrow, Josh.

Day 3 – Green Tea

I woke up much earlier than I normally would do today, and seem to be bursting with energy. Having done my weigh in first thing this morning I am down exactly 3kg in 3 days (6.6lbs!!!) I think I may have now entered into ketosis, which means my body is now primarily burning my body fat for fuel rather than carbs.

I have started the day off with a big mug of disgusting green tea. I don’t know how people think it’s delicious, to me it tastes like bitter seaweed … still, it’s good for me (just like the cod liver oil I used to be force fed as a child – Bleurgh)

Breakfast: Keeping it simple today with 4 soft boiled eggs and 3 rashers of crispy bacon to dip in the yolks. I actually don’t want to eat anything else as my appetite seems to be almost nonexistent now, but I am making sure that I eat regardless. I can’t survive on air alone, even if I feel as though I could right now.


By this point, you would think I would be getting sick of eating eggs. Actually, the complete opposite has happened and I can’t get enough of them. They are cheap, easy and full of many of the nutrients I need every day. I’m not saying that I would want to eat them for every meal of every day, but they really are perfect for low carbing. Plus I can boil up a few dozen so I have instant snacking available if I feel hungry during the day.

Lunch: Another disgusting mug of Green tea. I am going to keep on drinking it until I have convinced myself that I like it. I am not using sugar/sweetener and lemon is a no go for me, so it is how it is. So, lunch today is Bacon wrapped mini meatloaf (or as I know them, ‘pigs in blankets‘)

These make for a mouthwatering meal that contains ZERO carbs and has the perfect amounts of fat and protein for the induction phase. Seriously easy to prepare and cook. I made up 40 of these beauties and kept 6 out for now before freezing the other 34 for later use. I would recommend a salad alongside these, however, I didn’t have a salad because I just didn’t fancy it … the green tea is punishment enough. I will double up on veg at dinner instead, I promise.


Dinner: It’s not Friday and I’m not catholic, so fish it is for supper. Now I am not a mega fan of fish, especially fishy fish (I know that sounds stupid, but some fish is just overly fishy)

Anyway, back to dinner. I chose a large dory fillet covered with a cream cheese and chive sauce, some foundation vegetables such as broccoli and mock cauliflower rice. It pretty much looked the same as the photo below apart from the spicy dip and carrots. Note to self: must start photographing my food (I hate people who do that … but I need to be able to show you my cooking skills. Ha) I am seriously stuffed right now and could not eat another thing even if I tried.


Overview: Apart from the crazy drop in appetite, nothing else feels much different. I have an increase in my energy and am sleeping better at night, I am also surprised at my lack of cravings for chocolate and crisps! They have been a huge part of my diet for the past 15 years, and bam, just like that, we’re over!

I’m sure over the coming days I will probably experience a dip in my energy levels and maybe experience a few side effects as I adjust to this lifestyle.  I promise to update every little detail here as they happen. Overall I am just happy to see such a shift in my weight so quickly. I am not expecting instant fat loss, but this has just boosted my determination to stick to this low carb plan further.

Till tomorrow. Josh


Day Two – Keep on moving

So today is day 2 of my VLCD and I woke up feeling pretty sluggish, probably because I have cut coffee out of my diet for now. One thing I immediately noticed was that I didn’t wake up hungry, in fact, I still felt a bit full from the night before.

I started the day with a seafood omelet. Absolutely delicious and completely filling. The omelet contained 3 eggs, 60g of shelled prawns, 40g of clams, 40g of chopped chives and 40g cream cheese. Net Carb Content – 3.2g


What a perfect start to the day! Usually, I would have a huge bowl of fried rice for breakfast (I am in Thailand after all) and probably 2 yogurts, a pint of Iced coffee and a few fried donuts. (This is really making me see how gross my diet had become) 

Lunch was again seafood based. Tuna mayo lettuce wraps … every bit as good as the tortilla wraps I so love. With the addition of onion for extra crunch, these wraps are really filling, super tasty and take just minutes to make. A 140g Tin of tuna, 2 TBSP of hellman’s real mayo and 1/2 a small onion made 6 large wraps. What is even better is that they contained just 1.2g net carbs for ALL SIX OF THEM!


Dinner is possibly my newest favourite. Cheese stuffed beef burgers topped with fried eggs and crispy bacon and served with a watercress and spinach salad. These are SERIOUSLY good, in fact, I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could. I felt completely full after these … even though they are only half of what I would normally eat at dinner. No need for any sauce as the yolk from the egg is the perfect accompaniment. Just 1.8g of Net carbs makes this a VLCD winner.


I finished the day with a home-made ice lolly. Zero calories, Zero carbs. Simply pour in some Pepsi max into an ice lolly mold, freeze and enjoy. The perfect sweet treat to end the day on.

Tomorrow is a weigh in day. I will check my weight and measurements twice a week, nothing more, nothing less. I am also going to introduce swimming into my day as of tomorrow, hell, I have a pool so I should use it.

Till tomorrow, Josh.