Day six – Little tricks.

So I am just One day away from completing my first week of low carbing and I have to say that it is everything I thought it wouldn’t be. I thought I would be crabby and lacking energy, I thought I would be hungry all the time and most of all I thought it probably wouldn’t work as well as I had read online.

Well, my energy level has gone up so much more than when I was carbing daily, I am sleeping much better and I am just feeling great in myself. I weighed in today (I know I shouldn’t check too often, but I couldn’t help myself) and I am bang on 81 KG!! That means that in 6 days I have dropped 6.5KG!! (just over 14lbs) and have shaved almost 2 Inches off of my waistline. THIS IS CRAZY!

Now I would be telling lies if I said it was done through diet alone, I don’t think it’s just down to that. I have religiously stuck to drinking the green tea, and nope … I still hate it with a passion. I have also been taking a white kidney bean supplement which is loaded with fiber and blocks any stray carbs I may eat unknowingly.

So here is a rundown of today’s meals.

Breakfast: Ham and Stilton Egg Muffins. These protein packed little bundles are a delicious way to start the day. I prepared them the evening before and froze them overnight, then all I had to do this morning was remove them from the freezer and put them straight into the oven. They are light and fluffy and melt in the mouth and are perfect loaded up with ham, onion, and cheese.


Lunch: Cheese omelette with fried bologna. Falling back on my favourite quick lunch, omelette. This was so fast to put together and the addition of bologna ham fried in the pan after adds a delicious saltiness to the meal. I wanted to use spam but I’m out of it at the moment (spam is like heaven in a tin if you have never tried it)


Dinner: Chicken and bell pepper kebabs. Ok, now I am in love with these! I lightly spiced the chicken with curry powder and a dash of lemon juice and left it to marinate before skewering it along with diced bell peppers and served with a salad. They chicken was so moist and tender after grilling and retained the warm spiciness I was craving. A quick and simple meal that hits the spot when you need something filling.


Dessert: Homemade Ice cream. This was as simple as whisking up 3 egg whites until they formed silky stiff peaks, adding in 2 packets of Splenda and 50 ml clotted cream. I then added a few drops of caramel food essence and whisked until airy and blended well. I prepared this at lunch time and it was perfectly set by dinner. This is going to be a weekly treat for me and it tastes and feels just like store bought ice-cream. (plus you know what’s in it)


I am going to go a wallow in the pool for a while now and take advantage of the cooler air (34 degrees celsius) and maybe get a few laps in too.

Till tomorrow. Josh.


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