Day Five – Feel alive

Ok, so today I have hit the 5kg mark and am absolutely amazed at how fast this is working. I know most of it will be water weight, but I don’t care, it really boosts the motivation. In 5 days I have lost 1.5 Inches off my waist and my energy levels are skyrocketing. I actually RAN!! Yep,  so it was just a quick 20-minute jog but that’s an achievement for me. He who hates exercise.

Breakfast: Grated cheese and Mayo wrapped in Pork & Chicken ham. A Delicious way to start the day with three of my favourite foods. Obviously, I would usually have them in a sandwich, but seeing as carbs are off limits I decided to use the ham as the holder of the cheese mayo.


Lunch: Smoked salmon with a cream cheese sauce. I am NOT a fan of hot salmon because it is over fishy, but I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too bad. I much prefer cold smoked salmon but I figured I probably need more Omega 3 and cooked salmon feels more like a meal rather than a snack.


Dinner: Seafood omelette loaded up with flaked dory fillet, prawns, and squid. I am getting the hang of seafood now and am no longer heaving at the thought of eating squid. This was crazy good for dinner and I couldn’t finish it all because I was feeling stuffed. Squid and prawns do contain carbs, but they were well under the 20g of carbs a day I am allowed. In fact, for the whole day, I only ate 7g of net carbs.


Tomorrow I am planning on trying to make some desserts using agar powder. I am not going to lie, I miss sweets a bit. I’m not craving them or anything.

Till tomorrow. Josh.


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