Day Four – Move More

So after a little bit of reading, I have discovered that I need to ensure I am eating enough fat to lose fat. confusing right! Basically, for the body to burn its fat reserves, it needs fat to be consumed.

I also need to now introduce some daily exercise … not my favourite thought. I mean, I don’t mind exercise, I just struggle with the constant heat here. It’s relentless and no fun to run in!

I have noticed that my jeans have become ever so slightly looser on me, which can only be a good thing. I am still keeping up with the green tea and have taken to using an old childhood trick of holding my nose whenever I take a sip. I don’t care what anyone says, green tea may be good for weight loss, but it sure ain’t good for my taste buds. It is REPULSIVE and I don’t know how to make it taste better. Maybe I will try a spoon of coffee mixed in with it, I MISS COFFEE.

Energy wise I have to say that I am feeling absolutely fine. I am no longer waking up lethargic and grumpy as I was when I was on a carb rich diet. When I say carb rich, I mean carb rich … Carb on carb sandwiches were an absolute staple of mine; Chip butties anyone? (By chips I mean deep fried potatoes or what Americans call fries. What Americans call chips I know as crisps) I am still waiting for a drop in my energy levels, but maybe I am going to be one of the lucky ones who manages to avoid it.

Breakfast: 2 Poached eggs with smoked salmon. I actually liked this more than I thought I would and it made me feel a little bit … posh. I topped it with a few fresh basil leaves and a teaspoon of melted cream cheese and it just all worked together so perfectly. There was also the compulsory cup of green tea, the less said about that the better! This was a gorgeous breakfast which would also make a great lunch menu.


Lunch: Chicken salad with garlic Mayo dressing. A quick and simple lunch today that fits the low carb plan perfectly. 200g of skinless chicken breast lightly coated with sesame oil and then grilled, 4 quails eggs, Rocket salad with 50g cherry tomatoes and a freshly made garlic mayo dressing. This was a seriously delicious lunch that filled me up completely. In fact, for the first time in years, I actually couldn’t finish a meal and ended up giving about a third to the dog.


Dinner: Homemade Mushroom Beef burgers. I am getting into making food from scratch now and burgers are always going to be at the top of my wish list. This simple burger is made from 300g lean beef mince, 50g diced mushrooms, salt, pepper, a little rosemary and a little thyme. Wrapped in foil and baked in the oven for 20 minutes keeps them super moist and succulent. Top them with 50g of grated cheddar and serve on top of a bed of crisp lettuce and a selection of herb leaves. This would be absolutely perfect if I can work out how to make a low carb mushroom and onion Jeux. Again, less than 3g of net carbs so it sticks by the guidelines nicely.


Dessert: Cola jelly and a little bit of whipped cream. I bought some gelatin powder and boiled up a bottle of Coke Zero, Mixed in the gelatin and then placed it in the fridge to set. OMG! This is seriously good. It satisfied my sweet craving and bought back many childhood memories of primary school (Yep, I used to love school dinners. Especially jelly and cream) This dessert is ZERO carbs, although I counted the Coke as 2 grams due to the sweetener in it. If you are wanting a sweet treat I recommend this one.


I decided for my exercise that I would start swimming. Nothing major, Just 30 minutes a day is enough. The pool is outdoors and I DO NOT want a tan, I love my vampire look! I guess a little tan wouldn’t hurt, but the sunburn will. There is NO WAY that I am going to become a fitness addict! I love walking … hate running, swimming is good because it also provides some resistance training. I guess I should look at doing some form of weights in the near future. For now, I just want to adjust to the diet and take things slow so that I don’t end up exhausting myself and losing my motivation.

Oh, a quick tip. If you feel a carb craving coming on, brush your teeth. I had a mild craving when I could smell my other half cooking chicken fried rice earlier and read that brushing your teeth helps by blocking the food smells from reaching your nose. The mint in the toothpaste acts as a mask … IT WORKS!!

Till tomorrow, Josh.


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