Day 3 – Green Tea

I woke up much earlier than I normally would do today, and seem to be bursting with energy. Having done my weigh in first thing this morning I am down exactly 3kg in 3 days (6.6lbs!!!) I think I may have now entered into ketosis, which means my body is now primarily burning my body fat for fuel rather than carbs.

I have started the day off with a big mug of disgusting green tea. I don’t know how people think it’s delicious, to me it tastes like bitter seaweed … still, it’s good for me (just like the cod liver oil I used to be force fed as a child – Bleurgh)

Breakfast: Keeping it simple today with 4 soft boiled eggs and 3 rashers of crispy bacon to dip in the yolks. I actually don’t want to eat anything else as my appetite seems to be almost nonexistent now, but I am making sure that I eat regardless. I can’t survive on air alone, even if I feel as though I could right now.


By this point, you would think I would be getting sick of eating eggs. Actually, the complete opposite has happened and I can’t get enough of them. They are cheap, easy and full of many of the nutrients I need every day. I’m not saying that I would want to eat them for every meal of every day, but they really are perfect for low carbing. Plus I can boil up a few dozen so I have instant snacking available if I feel hungry during the day.

Lunch: Another disgusting mug of Green tea. I am going to keep on drinking it until I have convinced myself that I like it. I am not using sugar/sweetener and lemon is a no go for me, so it is how it is. So, lunch today is Bacon wrapped mini meatloaf (or as I know them, ‘pigs in blankets‘)

These make for a mouthwatering meal that contains ZERO carbs and has the perfect amounts of fat and protein for the induction phase. Seriously easy to prepare and cook. I made up 40 of these beauties and kept 6 out for now before freezing the other 34 for later use. I would recommend a salad alongside these, however, I didn’t have a salad because I just didn’t fancy it … the green tea is punishment enough. I will double up on veg at dinner instead, I promise.


Dinner: It’s not Friday and I’m not catholic, so fish it is for supper. Now I am not a mega fan of fish, especially fishy fish (I know that sounds stupid, but some fish is just overly fishy)

Anyway, back to dinner. I chose a large dory fillet covered with a cream cheese and chive sauce, some foundation vegetables such as broccoli and mock cauliflower rice. It pretty much looked the same as the photo below apart from the spicy dip and carrots. Note to self: must start photographing my food (I hate people who do that … but I need to be able to show you my cooking skills. Ha) I am seriously stuffed right now and could not eat another thing even if I tried.


Overview: Apart from the crazy drop in appetite, nothing else feels much different. I have an increase in my energy and am sleeping better at night, I am also surprised at my lack of cravings for chocolate and crisps! They have been a huge part of my diet for the past 15 years, and bam, just like that, we’re over!

I’m sure over the coming days I will probably experience a dip in my energy levels and maybe experience a few side effects as I adjust to this lifestyle.  I promise to update every little detail here as they happen. Overall I am just happy to see such a shift in my weight so quickly. I am not expecting instant fat loss, but this has just boosted my determination to stick to this low carb plan further.

Till tomorrow. Josh



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