Day Two – Keep on moving

So today is day 2 of my VLCD and I woke up feeling pretty sluggish, probably because I have cut coffee out of my diet for now. One thing I immediately noticed was that I didn’t wake up hungry, in fact, I still felt a bit full from the night before.

I started the day with a seafood omelet. Absolutely delicious and completely filling. The omelet contained 3 eggs, 60g of shelled prawns, 40g of clams, 40g of chopped chives and 40g cream cheese. Net Carb Content – 3.2g


What a perfect start to the day! Usually, I would have a huge bowl of fried rice for breakfast (I am in Thailand after all) and probably 2 yogurts, a pint of Iced coffee and a few fried donuts. (This is really making me see how gross my diet had become) 

Lunch was again seafood based. Tuna mayo lettuce wraps … every bit as good as the tortilla wraps I so love. With the addition of onion for extra crunch, these wraps are really filling, super tasty and take just minutes to make. A 140g Tin of tuna, 2 TBSP of hellman’s real mayo and 1/2 a small onion made 6 large wraps. What is even better is that they contained just 1.2g net carbs for ALL SIX OF THEM!


Dinner is possibly my newest favourite. Cheese stuffed beef burgers topped with fried eggs and crispy bacon and served with a watercress and spinach salad. These are SERIOUSLY good, in fact, I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could. I felt completely full after these … even though they are only half of what I would normally eat at dinner. No need for any sauce as the yolk from the egg is the perfect accompaniment. Just 1.8g of Net carbs makes this a VLCD winner.


I finished the day with a home-made ice lolly. Zero calories, Zero carbs. Simply pour in some Pepsi max into an ice lolly mold, freeze and enjoy. The perfect sweet treat to end the day on.

Tomorrow is a weigh in day. I will check my weight and measurements twice a week, nothing more, nothing less. I am also going to introduce swimming into my day as of tomorrow, hell, I have a pool so I should use it.

Till tomorrow, Josh.



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